Hi Friends!

I’m so glad you stopped by and are interested in my research.  For those of you who don’t know, my name is Ella McGill.  I’m a rising senior at Ursinus College with a major in History and minors in Management Studies and Economics.  This summer, I was selected to be a part of my school’s prestigious Summer Fellowship Program.  I get to spend 8 weeks living on-campus, pursuing my own independent research with the guidance of my mentor, Dr. Edward Onaci.

Me working at a Ugandan orphanage during a trip in 2013.


For my project, I will be researching the connections between colonialism, education, and non-profits in the country of Uganda, East Africa using four major questions:

-How did English colonialism affect the education system in Uganda?
-What lingering structures still exist today in the former colony?
-Do they affect nonprofits?
-Do these institutions make it easier or more difficult for them to operate?

In addition, I was given permission to spend two weeks in country, interviewing Ugandans and creating my own primary documents.  To be given the opportunity to perform field research as an undergraduate is incredibly unique and I’m super excited to return to Africa for the 5th time!

Ella McGill